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Hills Blooms is a Sydney based floral artists specialising in uniquely sculpted floral arrangements for events and gifts.

Born with the sentiment of making memorable, luxurious gifts, Hills Blooms now shares that intimate experience on a grand scale with her iconic feminine, sculptural creations.


Fun, Creative & Playful blooms 

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A little more about Hillary

Tea or Coffee?  Coffee 

Margie or Rose'? Rose all day

What's your favourite flower?  Right now, I'm obsessed with frilly tulips, poppies, delphiniums, ranunculus, cafe dahlias, daisies.. this is hard  


How do you entertain yourself while flipping roses? Playing my favourite playlist of ballads and belting them. (I feel sorry for my neighbours)


What's your funniest florist moment? Prior to our current cool room, we were using an old fridge. One weekend my husband wanted to use it simultaneously to cool a case of beers, he turned down the temp and all of my roses turned to ICE 

Safe to say it wasn’t funny at the time. 


What is your guilty pleasure? Keeping up with the Kardashians and apple pie with custard.


Winter weddings or Spring Weddings? SPRING!


Who's your dream client? Right now, it would be a client who is super relaxed, trusts us to be creative, with a totally bold colour palette and a big mumma budget for us to go all out with! Wouldn’t say no to that!


At the end of a big day on location I ...... SLEEP! Florists are a bit of a sleep deprived species.


I'm binging.... Everything I know about love 


Our Dream Brides

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